Steve Clarke 

What we do


Once a quarter we meet as a group, with each member contributing $50 by cheque or email transfer. Before each meeting, every member may nominate a local, registered charity for consideration.

The nominating members of three randomly selected charities will briefly speak as to why it is meaningful to them, along with a short presentation from a member of the Charity. 

Each member votes (by ballot) for one of the three charities. The charity with the most votes is the recipient charity of the group donation. Members who did not vote for the selected organization agree to make their donation regardless. 

We surprise the local charity with our group donation a week or two after our event. Members then receive a tax receipt directly from the charity.


Charities under consideration must serve Northumberland County and provide individual tax receipts directly to contributing members. A charity not selected at one event may be submitted again at a subsequent event.




Love the idea of being able to help on a local level and to see the actual benefit from that. 

To make this group as good as it can be, we will need lots of help. If interested, please contact me.

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